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Describes often overlooked principles of strength training, for athletes, coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts Shows how to divide long term training programs into manageable intervals, how to avoid overtraining, and how to develop a sport specific periodization training program Comes with many examples of training programs for strength and power sports, for basketball, and for general fitness Includes a glossary Annotation c by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or....

Title : Periodization Breakthrough!: The Ultimate Training System
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ISBN : 1889462004
ISBN13 : 978-1889462004
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Publisher : Advanced Research Press Inc.,U.S 1 Juli 1996
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Periodization Breakthrough!: The Ultimate Training System Reviews

  • None
    2019-05-06 08:05

    In this book, the authors are very successful at condensing and explaining the concept of periodization in an easy to understand manner. The basic fundamentals are explained along with samples for planning your training from one session to one year! By varying your training according to these methods, you are able to avoid hitting the dreaded "plateau." Dr. Fleck and Dr. Kraemer do an outstanding job of giving the information in an easy to read and understand manner. I highly recommend this book for everyone from the fitness buff to the advanced trainee.

  • Jaime
    2019-05-18 08:42

    This book explains very clearly how periodization works, allows to plan up to a year ahead, but only uses three examples (Strenght/Power, Basketball and general fitness). It uses routines extracted from somewhere and explains very loosely how periodization applies to them. You must have some knowledge about how to make a training routine, or this book will be useless.The reason I gave three stars is because the book limits to explain a routine variation based on intensity and volume, leaving up to you the creation of your routines; its examples are very limited.If your interest is in bodybuilding you will read almost half of the book, wondering where were left the routines.If this is your first buy, look somewhere else, you can find (without periodization) better first buys out there.

  • Michael Emerson
    2019-05-15 09:53

    I expected much more from this book than I got. This is not a good read for those that have any knowledge of fitness or kinesiology. The quality information was just not there. If you have zero knowledge about periodization, then this book may be an O.K. read for you. I would still recommend against it however. There are much better books out there on periodization than this one. In fact, one of the books is by the authors that did this one. It is called Designing Resistance Training Programs. It is an excellent book ( 5 stars). That is another reason this book was so disappointing. These guys are quality scientists and writers. Unfortunately with this book, it looks like they were just out to make a buck.

    2019-05-14 09:43

    I thought this book was terribly awful. Its more of a briefreview of periodization, not a book on the theory, and training. Itsalmost like a cheap, and sloppy version of cliff notes on Dr.Bompa's Serious Strength Training. I would not recommend Periodization Breakthrough to anyone. If you want the complete theory, and training methodology of Periodization for bodybuilding/strength training purposes, I very highly recommend Dr. Bompa's Serious Strength Training. It is I beleive the best written book on the topic!

  • Chris Bruce (
    2019-04-25 09:57

    This was a really detailed book. I have read "Serious Strength Training" by Bompa, however I felt that this book gave me more insight into creating my own custom periodization schedule. Bompa's book had most of it pre-planned. The book had excellent citations for research an gave me all the information I needed in a well laid out format.

  • None
    2019-04-21 11:58

    I need the adress of Mr. Steven J. Fleck, Ph.D