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Title : PHP 4 Bible by Tim Converse (2000-08-31)
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PHP 4 Bible by Tim Converse (2000-08-31) Reviews

  • Rambiene Stöckelschuh
    2019-05-04 07:57

    In diesem Buch werden sowohl PHP-Grundlagen geschaffen, als auch auf Schwierigkeiten in der Webprogrammierung eingegangen. Es ist sowohl ein umfangreiches Nachschlagewerk für Anfänger, als auch für "alte Web-Hasen" eine Quelle für Ideen für weiterführende Programmierung (Stichwort: MySql, EMail, Sessions, OOP).Jedes Thema wird anschaulich und verständlich erklärt und obwohl es ein englischsprachiges Buch ist, ist es leicht runterzulesen! Alle Bücher dieser Bible-Reihe, wie z.B. auch die Dreamweaver 2 Bible, würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-16 11:06

    In meinem Regal befinden sich 4 PHP Bücher, wobei die PHP Bible das wohl wertvollste ist. Es wird alles erklärt, was man im Umgang mit PHP braucht. Sehr wichtig finde ich sind auch die Stringfunktionen, die dieses Buch mehr als deutlich beschreibt.Für Leute, die der englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig sind, würde ich ein anderes Buch empfehlen, für jeden anderen ist dieses Buch unerlässlich, wenn er gute PHP Skripte sowie Programme schreiben will. Zu Beginn wird in dem Buch sehr gut die Syntax von PHP beschrieben, wobei es dann mehr als Referenzwerk dient. Wenn Sie PHP lernen wollen oder auch schon teilweise programmieren, dann lege ich Ihnen dieses Buch sehr ans Herz.

  • Erica Douglass
    2019-05-15 04:59

    This book contains the most complete reference to PHP4 that I've seen (besides the online manual, of course.) However, a lot of the examples hold no real-world value, and much of the book is an introduction that Julie Meloni does much better in PHP Essentials. The end of the book finally gets into some real-world examples, but earlier chapters can be downright confusing to a beginning programmer. One subheader in Chapter 7 reads "Careful with nonintegral comparisons," which means little to those of us who are not experienced programmers.4 stars for completeness and sheer bulk, and because it makes an EXCELLENT reference for PHP programmers. It tries to do too much, however... and doesn't provide a good introduction to PHP. If you're new to PHP and programming, I recommend PHP Essentials be your first book, and that PHP 4 Bible be your guide after you outgrow PHP Essentials.

  • Tim in Colorado
    2019-05-04 06:56

    I originally wrote this review for my site bought the book "PHP 4 Bible" to start learning PHP. I'm an experienced C++ programmer, but I had never seen PHP before looking at this book. Below you can see my brief assessment of the book.I've been reading the "Bible" for several weeks. I bought it and started to read it to familiarize myself with PHP--even though I'm a dedicated technophile, I still enjoy having a book I can flip through. It was good as a basic introduction to PHP and MySQL, and it exposed me for the first time to many important concepts. I found the level to be a bit simplistic--the book is aimed in part at beginning programmers--but for the most part, I find the advice sound. And having something be too easy to understand is certainly better than too hard.I found the parts about MySQL to be a good introduction, though as they point out in the Bible, their objective isn't to teach MySQL. I was in fact learning SQL at the same time, but so far I've primarily used the excellent documentation at to learn about it.In conclusion, I found it to be light reading. I enjoyed their sense of humor, and had no problem reading straight through to the "advanced" parts. Don't think that this book is anything like a reference, however--I find myself frequently needing to look things up in the online documentation that are simply not covered by the Bible. So if you're just learning PHP, it's a worthwhile purchase. If you're trying to find a good reference book with a lot of depth, you will need to look elsewhere.

  • Paul F. Wilson
    2019-05-11 09:55

    At times this book looks as if it were written by consumate programmers that assume the reader has an extensive C++ background. At other times I felt it was irrelevant. Who would write the vapid little programs they use for examples? Like so many other manuals out there, the examples are not useful for the real world.A "Bible" should have a comprehensive introduction to the basics in the beginning. This book seems to blast past that in a hurry to get to databases and other subjects.Many times something new is presented and not clarified or clarified later. An example is the modulus ( % ), they place it in an example, and then two paragraphs later they tell you what it is for and not to worry - it's all in a later chapter. An awful lot of things are brought up this way. It makes for herky jerky reading. Nothing is linear.As a reference, it's not very good. An eample would be the modulus above. I think it and other math operators should all be introduced in one place. Introduce it as a basic concept and then you can use it later. They cover math operators and then later tell you there are more math operators. The appendices in the back are flimsy and useless. More meat would be nice.In chapter 3 getting started, nothing about the installation on my PC went according to the book. The directions for setting up Windows 2000 were outdated and I had to make some guesses. The latest version of PHP does not install anything like the book says. Ya, I found out after I bought this, that they had just released a new version of the book. Unfortunatly I bought this for a class I was taking. I am stuck with it.It surprises me that a book on a language that can be installed on so many platforms has so little in it about installation issues. The size of the book is much smaller than the JavaScript Bible. How can that be? It's a much richer language.